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Corrugated Carton – A Environment-friendly Packaging Option

Posted by Admin on August, 20, 2022

Corrugated cartons are a very popular material, particularly for shipping purposes. It is quite popular mostly because of online shopping and the product delivery at your doorstep. The material is sturdy and durable and reduces the risk of any kind of damage to your products. Hence, these factors play a crucial role in making this cardboard so valuable to people. These prefabricated boxes are industrially manufactured by the corrugated carton manufacturer and are available in different sizes and shapes. Fundamentally, there are two kinds of boxes single wall and double wall. Single wall cartons are much more inexpensive than double wall cartons because of their simple design.

Environmental benefits of using the corrugated carton

Corrugated carton contains recycled content and is recyclable.

The key ecological advantage of corrugated boxes is that they are made from a great percentage of recycled paper, think cartons or newspapers, and can be used again after they have been used. Likewise, the most corrugated carton is made without dyes or bleaches, meaning it can be disposed of more durable than other types of material that contain contaminants.

Corrugated packaging cartons are renewable.

Manufactured from paper pulp, the corrugated carton is predominately prepared from timber from fast-growing pine trees but can also be shaped from woodchips and leftover materials from a range of paper-making processes. Plus, the most corrugated carton is made up of around 70% to 100% recycled material.

Corrugated packaging cartons are reusable.

Not only are corrugated carton easily recyclable and renewable, but they can also be recycled as is, assisting in further reducing packaging costs and the environmental influence. Many corrugated carton styles are designed to be simply collapsible, and fully reusable. Most boxes are not promptly disposed of, so why not make the most of their strength? Corrugated is recognized for being a solid, sturdy answer that can carry a range of weights—so cases can be used over and over for a collection of products.

Corrugated packaging cartons help to save energy.

An additional advantage of corrugated packaging having a high percentage of recycled components is that it needs less energy to make. Rather than producing cases from 100% virgin materials, maximum corrugated manufacturers make products from nearby sourced recycled content—which also minimizes environmental damage produced by excessive transportation.

Corrugated cartons offer efficient protection for your products.

Many businesses today are making the right-sized boxes for their products to help cut down on the amount of material waste. Doing so can also go a long way towards assisting reduce your business' carbon releases when it comes to shipping and transport. Since boxes are typically rectangular—meaning they can simply and neatly stack with little space wasted—it lets businesses fit more products into a smaller number of vehicles, which makes a vast difference to a company's carbon footprint.

Other benefits of using the corrugated carton

These boxes are a very astonishing type of storage material. They are the most adaptable boxes for packaging that is used for varied products.

Corrugated cartons are used to carry a wide range of items.

These boxes have acceptance and admiration, apart from their durability, is the material they are made from.

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