Jai Packaging Industries Blog http://www.jaipackaging.com/blog/ Latest Products Wed, 06 Dec 2023 16:09:15 +0530 en-us http://www.jaipackaging.com Corrugated box- The Lifeline of E-Commerce packaging http://www.jaipackaging.com/blog/corrugated-box-the-lifeline-of-e-commerce-packaging_13079.htm Tue, 21 Jun 2022 11:17:04 +0530 Corrugated Boxes, generally known as cardboard boxes, are the lifeline of the e-commerce industry. Everyone now has at one point in their life purchased regularly online. For some, it's a day-to-day routine and for others, it promotes of a once in a month impulse. There is no disagreeing the fact though that our civilization is rapidly moving towards an entirely online digital marketplace environment where everything and anything can be acquired with a click of a single button. With the wide availability of the internet and fast acceptance of smartphones and shopping apps, it is only inevitable that e-commerce is the future of shopping as we know it. For every type of industrial need, you can connect with the dependable corrugated box supplier who can deliver your best quality boxes at an affordable price range.   Importance of the Corrugated Box   Redefining Home Delivery with Corrugated Boxes When one desires online shopping, the first thing that you think about the home delivery, and how one can assemble in the ease of their home/work and their product will be delivered to them. Today maximum of the items from electronics to clothing, jewellers to books, and daily groceries to big industrial equipment can be acquired online and transported to the customer within a few days. Whets advanced is the ways that companies have shaped to transport their product to your doorstep - firmly, quickly and with zero damage to the product. All of this has been conceivable thanks to the arrival of the corrugated box and the flexibility of this marvellous packaging material.   Corrugated Boxes - The ultimate packaging solution Corrugated boxes come in various degrees of hardness, which makes them ideal for shipping everything from fragile glasswork to tough cable wiring. They can be custom sized and shaped to cater to every industry from Pizza delivery cartons to large-screen LCDs. Corrugated boxes can also be smoothly printed on unlike other packaging materials, which means each company can design their private branding, and logo and look at their product package which shakes with their brand image and promise. From a shipping and logistics point of view, corrugated boxes are tough and durable. They can be manufactured in unified dimensions to diminish logistics costs and still deliver a great look for the product.   In this e-commerce age, a product and company are dignified not just by the value their product provides, but also by the feelings it appeals to the customer. Corrugated boxes are the unchanged first touchpoint for companies and customers to propose the right emotion and provide utility as well.   Types of the Corrugated Boxes 1. Regular Slotted Box: This style of box is very normal. In this, all pads are of the same measures from the score to the edge. These are the premium to ship small individual items, like mugs, cups and books.   2. Corrugated Trays: Fundamentally these are trays to place numerous objects. These will be your premium selection when the prominence of the product is a major purpose.   3. Die-Cut Custom Corrugated Boxes: These boxes are shaped exactly according to the conditions given by the customers. Since these can be ready rendering to the size of the product, the name custom box has been given to it. Corrugated carton – A environment-friendly packaging option http://www.jaipackaging.com/blog/corrugated-carton-a-environment-friendly-packaging-option_13338.htm Sat, 20 Aug 2022 12:29:42 +0530 Corrugated cartons are a very popular material, particularly for shipping purposes. It is quite popular mostly because of online shopping and the product delivery at your doorstep. The material is sturdy and durable and reduces the risk of any kind of damage to your products. Hence, these factors play a crucial role in making this cardboard so valuable to people. These prefabricated boxes are industrially manufactured by the corrugated carton manufacturer and are available in different sizes and shapes. Fundamentally, there are two kinds of boxes single wall and double wall. Single wall cartons are much more inexpensive than double wall cartons because of their simple design. Environmental benefits of using the corrugated carton Corrugated carton contains recycled content and is recyclable. The key ecological advantage of corrugated boxes is that they are made from a great percentage of recycled paper, think cartons or newspapers, and can be used again after they have been used. Likewise, the most corrugated carton is made without dyes or bleaches, meaning it can be disposed of more durable than other types of material that contain contaminants. Corrugated packaging cartons are renewable. Manufactured from paper pulp, the corrugated carton is predominately prepared from timber from fast-growing pine trees but can also be shaped from woodchips and leftover materials from a range of paper-making processes. Plus, the most corrugated carton is made up of around 70% to 100% recycled material. Corrugated packaging cartons are reusable. Not only are corrugated carton easily recyclable and renewable, but they can also be recycled as is, assisting in further reducing packaging costs and the environmental influence. Many corrugated carton styles are designed to be simply collapsible, and fully reusable. Most boxes are not promptly disposed of, so why not make the most of their strength? Corrugated is recognized for being a solid, sturdy answer that can carry a range of weights—so cases can be used over and over for a collection of products. Corrugated packaging cartons help to save energy. An additional advantage of corrugated packaging having a high percentage of recycled components is that it needs less energy to make. Rather than producing cases from 100% virgin materials, maximum corrugated manufacturers make products from nearby sourced recycled content—which also minimizes environmental damage produced by excessive transportation. Corrugated cartons offer efficient protection for your products. Many businesses today are making the right-sized boxes for their products to help cut down on the amount of material waste. Doing so can also go a long way towards assisting reduce your business' carbon releases when it comes to shipping and transport. Since boxes are typically rectangular—meaning they can simply and neatly stack with little space wasted—it lets businesses fit more products into a smaller number of vehicles, which makes a vast difference to a company's carbon footprint. Other benefits of using the corrugated carton These boxes are a very astonishing type of storage material. They are the most adaptable boxes for packaging that is used for varied products. Corrugated cartons are used to carry a wide range of items. These boxes have acceptance and admiration, apart from their durability, is the material they are made from.